We design and develop custom web and mobile applications that delight the user and drive an organization's growth.

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Our Services

Application Development

Crafting robust, easy to use and intuitive applications for business and nonprofits is our passion.

We develop custom database backed web applications, mobile applications and SMS/USSD solutions.

Whatever your idea may be our team of young, insanely talented and enthusiastic designers and developers will help you polish and bring it to life.

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Interface Design

It would be disappointing if your application with thoroughly developed features fails to work towards achieving your organisation’s goals.This could be as a result of your target users finding it hard to use.

To avert this, we do the thinking so people using your product don’t have to. The result is an appealing, easy to use and intuitive interface that your users will love.

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Cloud Services

SaniCMS is our software as a service (SaaS) solution for churches of all denominations and sizes.

It’s a modular system that helps the church management team to effectively and efficiently manage membership records and day-to-day communication via sms and email.

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Our Approach

We’re committed to understanding your business goals and how customers interact with your business online so as to craft powerful yet simple to use solutions. Our ultimate goal is to win you more clients, convert more leads and grow your business.

Recent Projects

Arifu Adaptive Learning System

Arifu is a web based system that allows organizations to publish, incentivize, monetize, and track great content over Web and SMS.

We were privileged to be part of the team to develop the first iteration of the product.



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